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Rule 1-3.8(e) of the Rules Governing the Florida Bar requires the designation of an Inventory Attorney. Each member of the Florida Bar who practices law in Florida and has at least one client , this would not include associates who do not have their own clients, must designate another member of the Florida Bar who is eligible to practice in Florida as inventory attorney.

When an attorney is unable to practice due to death, injury, illness, suspension, disbarment or other circumstances, Law Guard can act as designated Inventory Attorney to inventory the files, notify clients, opposing counsel and judges of the circumstances and obtain stay orders where necessary. This is a free benefit to the attorney and necessary to protect clients affected by unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

Attorneys can contact Law Guard to obtain more information or forms for designation or can contact the Florida Bar directly by e-mail to; by calling the Lawyer Regulation Dept. at 800-342-8060, ext. 5839; or by writing to Department of Lawyer Regulation, The Florida Bar, 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300.

A sole practitioner, by definition, does not have any partners or associates. Thus, when they cannot attend a hearing, trial or mediation, there is no one else in their firm to cover for them. Law Guard can provide coverage for these attorneys when a continuance is unavailable or impractical. This service is also available to small firms who need additional counsel due to conflicts or unavailability. Law Guard also provides additional support services such as review of pleadings, depositions, preparation of memorandum or assistance with appellate matters.

If you are a newly admitted attorney and need more experienced counsel to discuss legal theories or guidance with procedural matters, you can call Law Guard for mentoring or assistance.

Whether you have a legal claim for recovery of money or a final judgment that needs to be collected, Law Guard has extensive experience in collection matters and proceedings supplementary to execution. 

Proceedings Supplementary can address issues regarding fraudulent transfers, successor businesses, concealment of assets or the use of extraordinary remedies for obtaining satisfaction of an outstanding judgment.

If you or your client has a judgment from another jurisdiction, whether another state or a foreign country, Law Guard can domesticate or seek recognition of your judgment for collection in Florida.